New Handle, Old Smoker

Fixing up a trailer for a lawn care company
Keeping the scrappers away from A/C coils.
Concrete Pad and and Cage made on site
Total price for this $120 that's everything.
Custom Leaf Cage for the back of a flat-bed truck
Made out of 1" square tubing for the frame, size 9 expanded sheet for the top half and 3/16th plate steel for the bottom half

 Yeah they just uploaded kind-of helter skelter, But yes this is a Stainless steel Keg turned into a BBQ'er on the back side of this caterer truck.

On a arm that swings out and Locks into postion.

This job was at at this location
16015 E Admiral Pl  Tulsa, OK 74116
I installed hand rails out front. To fully understand my personal touch, one only needs run their hand across the hang-on to part of the top bar.
Fully built, painted, and installed on-site for $450
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